Happy 7th Josh!


Dear Joshua,

Happy 7th birthday!  We love you to the moon and back, and are so proud of you.  You are such a special little boy.  You are smart as a whip, often trumping your sister as we quiz math facts :).  This year you had a rough start to the school year, but now, you couldn’t love it more.  You look forward to going to school each day and love your teacher, Mrs. Mccorkle.  Your favorite part of school is P.E., and you absolutely love to swing at recess. Other recess favorites include Kickball and Tetherball. 

Lately you’ve been on a soccer streak, and we have a made up game in the backyard that we play.  We each have a goal to shoot at, and there are lots of complicated tricks and rules, mostly assuring that you will win 🙂  But, you always say that basketball is your favorite sport and can’t wait to start playing again in Jan. 

Your all time favorite thing to do is play iPod/iPhone/iPad. Some of your favorite games are: Plants vs Zombies, Clumsy Ninja, Swordigo, and Temple Run. 

You also have a set of keys that you play with nonstop. They are orange, oversize keys, that were originally meant to help learn addition facts, but the numbers have long since faded away. You won’t go to sleep at night and find endless pleasure in playing with those keys.  Your Dad and I aren’t really sure what you are pretending with them, but it makes us smile when we have to go on the nightly hunt for the keys. 

You love legos and stuffed animals.  You, Halle, and Blake have a TY club and make up games and stories for all your animals.  I love watching and listening to you play with your brother and sister.  It makes me so happy that the three of you are such good friends. 

Josh, you have been blessed with many gifts.  You are a great friend, and so sweet to others.  Daddy was on a business trip the other week and you said to me, “Mom, thanks so much for making us this yummy dinner tonight.  I know things aren’t easy on you when Dad is gone.”  Keep learning, growing, and exploring.  Can’t wait to see what this next year holds! 

All my love,

  7th bday Collage

With all the earnings from the Pumpkin Pizza Palace, the kids had plenty of money to get their Ipod/Ipad.  There has never been a happier kid.  He loves sending texts to Mom and Dad, and using FaceTime to talk to Grandma and Grandpa.

His birthday party had a Lego theme. All the boys got a little Lego set and had fun putting it together, and playing with them once they were done.  They also put together Operation Christmas Child boxes, and made cute cards to go with them. 

birthday party collage

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