Wednesday Hiking Days

This Fall we have designated Wednesdays to be hiking days.  And we have had an absolute blast.  We have done some challenging hikes, had some great talks, and enjoyed being outside in God’s beautiful world.

Mt Sanitas:

Flatiron loop at Chataqua2018-08-22 10.09.16Top of the 2nd Flatiron.  This hike was AMAZING.  2018-09-14 10.10.012018-09-14 10.12.552018-09-14 10.42.01We took a break from hiking and went biking along the Platt River trail in Denver.  It was SO FUN.  But, Amber’s bike got a flat tire!  Good thing there is an REI right along the trail.  This nice guy stopped to help us get her pumped up enough to make it to REI. 2018-09-19 09.41.502018-09-19 09.55.25While her bike was getting fixed we walked to get Acai bowls.  And then we found this random Teepee set up outside at a different restaurant and so we ate our bowls inside.  It was amazing. 2018-09-19 10.39.44-12018-09-19 11.12.13My Birthday hike along South Mesa trail.  SUCH beautiful views along this trail!  We brought Luke and Lynnlee with us.  Lynnlee too this pictures.  The outtakes are hilarious.  Trying to get a 3 year old to take a picture is a pretty funny task.  2018-09-26 10.20.292018-09-26 10.57.13NCAR hike to Mallory’s Cave.  This might be my favorite hike yet.


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