Double Digits


Dear Halle,
Wow!  How the years have flown by!  Today you are 10 years old.  What a proud moment for me, as your mom, to reflect on what a wonderful, special girl you are. 

You are such a good sister to your brothers.  You are kind and gentle (mostly) to them, and they look up to you so much.  They love to play with you and are eager to participate in the games you make up for them. Some of your favorites right now include: TY club, Lego club, pretend that you are all puppies, and school. 

You are such a good student.  You work hard and do your best at school and your teachers have nothing to say but good things about you.  Your favorite subject is reading, and you like art and music too. 

You are a girl of many talents.  You love to participate in things, and learn new things.  You are getting so good on the piano, and I had such a fun time being your soccer coach this year on the Teal Tornado Tigers.  You love all things crafty, and also a great singer.  Lucky you!

You are a girl who doesn’t like to let her emotions show too much 🙂  It’s sometimes hard for me to get you to open up and tell me what you are feeling.  But I love it when you do.  I get a glimpse into your sweet soul, and I love what I see.  Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell others what you are thinking and feeling.  It’s ok for you to make mistakes, feel sad, or mad, or ornery.  Sometimes those things help us to grow!

I love when we get to spend time together doing girly things.  I am so very glad to have a daughter, and love you with all my heart.  Every night we have a little routine where I’ll say, “Love you Halle,” and then you say, “Love you more,” and then we have a race to see who can say, “Love you MOST” the fastest. 

You are beautiful inside and out.  Keep doing your best, making mistakes, and trying new things.  I have loved being your mom for the past decade, and can’t wait to see what many adventures the next decade will bring!

Love you MOST!
bday morning

For Halle’s party this year we did a Waffle Bar.  Yummy!  Then, I took all the girls to Target where they picked out things to put into an Operation Christmas Child package.  I was surprised at the care and thought that the girls put into their shopping, and what went into their packages.  It was a really fun experience. 

waffle bar

 operation christmas child

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