Our London Flat

We are literally 3 minutes from the Clapham Junction train station. It’s the closest we’ve ever lived to public transportation and it is heavenly!  This is the view from our bedroom of the train station.

2018-06-23 11.06.31
Tara and Rusty’s room.  Complete with a very cozy double bed.  2018-06-23 11.07.47
Kitchen2018-06-23 11.08.15
Living room with cute journaling kiddos2018-06-23 11.08.49-12018-06-23 11.09.36
View of our neighborhood from the balcony2018-06-23 11.09.12
Halle’s “room.” She has the coolest room in the house with a cross breeze blowing through at night.  She loves her kitchen/living room/bedroom!2018-06-23 11.10.28Bathroom2018-06-23 11.11.10Combo washer and dryer.  Dryer takes FOREVER.  2018-06-23 11.11.36
Front door and the elevator right around the corner.2018-06-23 11.12.10Boys room.  They take turns sleeping on the big bed.  2018-06-23 11.22.10

Exterior shots complete with cute boys in the window

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