Give him what? A great big kiss!

Father’s Day was great this year! I got to spend it with my dad, which doesn’t happen very often. We started out with Crepes on Catalpa and homemade granola enjoyed out on the patio in the warm morning sun. It was fun just to sit back and chat and enjoy the morning. Church was next, followed by a very gourmet dinner, Nachos 😉
I am so grateful for my dad, who has always been my biggest champion. I always know he loves me and is behind me. He is also so much fun–and my kids just love hearing (and repeating) all the funny things grandpa says. We are so glad we got to celebrate with him this year!
I am also so grateful for Rusty, and what a perfect dad he is for our kids. He has patience galore, and even after long, hard days at work he always has time and energy to spend with the kids. He is always taking them on fun adventures, and everyone loves bedtime stories with dad. Love you Rust!

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