Goodbye NYC

We had a pretty exciting trip to the airport!  I had set the alarm for 4:30 because we wanted to leave the house at 5 to give ourselves plenty of time to catch our flight.  (Last time we were in NYC the only reason we didn’t miss our flight was because it was delayed—we were extremely late to the airport).  Well….no alarm went off.  Lucky for us, my body is pretty used to waking up at 5am for early morning runs.  I rolled over, looked at the clock and proceeded to freak out.  It was already 5.  We dashed around getting things ready, yanked the kids out of bed, and ran to get a taxi.  We didn’t even have time to do one final sweep of the apartment.  Yeah….left a bunch of my running stuff.  Our taxi driver was awesome and fit an AMAZING amount of luggage into the taxi without making us feel too squished.  We made it to the airport in record time, and caught our flight.  Whew! 

This summer already feels like one long dream, and sometimes I wonder if it really happened.  Did we really live in Manhattan?  Was Central Park our playground?  Did I really eat all that amazing food?  Hands down the best summer of my life.  I’ll never forget it, and I kinda hope I get the opportunity to live in NYC again.  For a longer period of time.  Rusty…..he’s ecstatic to return to Erie and slow down the pace a little.  Me…..Manhattan is pure magic.  Love everything about it.  Even the really annoying parts.  So, Big Apple, Goodbye for now.  But not forever. 
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One thought on “Goodbye NYC

  1. Can I tell you one more time how glad I am that we were able to spend some time with you in NYC? It was sooooooo fun. Susan and I talk about going back again.
    Thank you for living there for the summer. You provided many fun and happy memories. I heart New York!


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