Blake’s Baptism Day

Saturday June 17, 2017 was a perfect day. Blake told us in the car on the way to the church that he was, “really excited and a tiny bit nervous.” It was really sweet.


My Mom, Nat, Leo and Simon came out on Wed and helped with baptism prep. Carlie, Gwen, Mave, Dad and Cole arrived on Friday. Landon and Jhena flew in EARLY on Sat Morning. Alan and Sharon flew in a bit later in the morning due to Alan’s 50th High School Reunion the night before and arrived right in the nick of time.

Grace played prelude music and Claire played the opening song, “I know my Heavenly Father Loves Me.”  Josh led the music and did such an awesome job.

Grandma Cornell gave her now famous “Kit Kat” talk with full size Kit Kats for all the kids at the end of the baptism. That was a huge hit!

Then Rusty baptized Blake. Blake has loved practicing in the weeks leading up to the baptism so he’d know just what to do. Rusty took his time with the words of the prayer and I could feel my eyes tear up with gratitude for my Savior, and for Blake, and for this beautiful, saving ordinance. We were all grinning as Blake emerged from the water.

I went back to help him get dressed and to seal the picture in my mind of his sweet, happy smile as he stood there in his wet, white jumpsuit. So tender and special.

Grandma Banks gave her Holy Ghost talk and Blake was so excited to receive his bag of props (flashlight, compass, beware sign, picture of Jesus) just like his brother and sister had received at their baptism.


After Rusty and Blake were all dressed our kids, Rowberry kids, and cousins sang the Miracle. It is such a beautiful witness of the Savior and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when they were finished.

His confirmation was beautiful. I love the ritual of being circled by people who love you during a blessing. It feels so intimate and so powerful. Rusty blessed Blake that he would be able to experience all the ups and downs of life and all the many emotions that come with that. He blessed him to have the Spirit guide and comfort him through the good times and the bad. He blessed him to utilize his adventurous spirit but that Heavenly Father provide him with safety.

Brian Cope was conducting the baptism and he read the verses in Alma that talk about covenanting to mourn with those that mourn and to stand as a witness of Christ. He charged everyone in the room who had witnessed Blake’s baptism to walk with him and teach him along the covenant path. I felt such an overwhelming love for all my family and friends who I know will be there to support him throughout his life.

Halle played, “When I am Baptized” for the closing song and Josh led again. It was Halle’s first time accompanying while people sang and she did awesome!

Then, Picture Time!!


After pictures we rushed back to the house to finish getting ready for the back yard BBQ. The weather cooperated perfectly. It was about 75 degrees and overcast.

Blake’s BBQ will forever be known as the great cookie disaster of 2017. Amber made me some of her delicious triple chocolate cookie dough and also some oatmeal chocolate chip pecan dough. I heated both my ovens on convection bake and filled 6 cookie trays with giant, delicious dough balls. When I took them out of the oven they were just disastrous cookie blobs. Except for 1 tray of absolutely perfect cookies. I have no idea what went wrong! After that we baked them one tray at a time, which was better but still not amazing. We baked over 50 cookies and only the one tray turned out like they were supposed it. This is like the 3rd time my oven has done this and it’s so frustrating! Luckily, even though they looked a mess, they tasted like heaven.

Baptism food


We grilled burgers and hot dog, had fruit skewers, green salad, and BBQ chips. Blake’s special request was dirt cups and so we made 30! Delicious!

The Bohns, Rowberrys, Wrights, Fuhrmanns, Larsons, came to celebrate with us.

Maddoxes, Petersens, Stevensons (Andrea is Blake’s primary teacher) were also at the baptism, but couldn’t make it to the BBQ.
Baptism bbq

After the BBQ I gave him his baby quilt. He threw his arms around my neck and told me how much he loved it. It made all the work worth it. I loved sitting with him and telling him stories about the special clothes that were included. It made me miss my round faced, chubby baby with the combover hair!

I hope he felt so special and so loved today, because that’s exactly what he is!

The party didn’t stop there!  We all hit the pool, played Nerfis and munched on pizza.  It’s so fun to be surrounded by family!

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