We had a pretty fun Easter this year.  We had our annual Easter Egg hunt in the park and our annual fight about Easter Sunday pictures 🙂
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Easter Sunday arrived and the kids hunted for their baskets.  They took a long time to find this year!

Halle and I had a really fun date on Saturday after her soccer game and before the Easter Egg hunt.  We went to Due South and Beet and Yarrow flower shop came and taught us how to make a fresh flower crown.  I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out!

2017-04-16 14.07.41

Even Chippy dressed up in her Easter finest.
2017-04-14 20.27.34

2017-04-16 22.57.352017-04-16 22.57.512017-04-16 22.58.48

At church I taught a cute lesson to my Primary class.  I had all the supplies for an Easter bracelet in a cute bunny box.  We learned the Easter story and put beads on our bracelet that represented aspects of the story. They loved it!  Original idea from The Preschool Toolbox Blog
Primary Lesson Bracelet that told easter story

After church we headed to the Rowberry’s for an Easter feast.  I really wish I would have taken a picture of what it looks like to haul an entire Easter dinner in the back of the Sequoia.  It’s awesome. Everyone’s favorite part?  The charcuterie board!  I got kid-friendly fancy cheeses from the store, mustard, fig jam, crackers, baguette, salami, candied nuts,  and green apples.  I thought there was a 50/50 chance of it being a giant flop.  But everyone loved it!  I was afraid no one would have room for the rest of dinner.

2017-04-16 18.07.57

Even Luke got in on the action.

2017-04-16 18.05.12

After dinner came my very favorite part of the day.  In Sacrament Meeting the primary kids sang a song called, “The Miracle” by Shawna Edwards.  It is such a beautiful and powerful song about the Atonement.  I learned the accompaniment and asked the kids if they would sing it for me.  They (mostly) cheerfully obliged.  Halle and Grace learned all the words and I was so grateful they’d do that even though they aren’t in primary.  I’ll love this video forever.

Grace finished off our feast with a homemade carrot cake.  This girl has serious baking talent.
2017-04-16 19.53.23

A few other fun Easter moments:

Grandma Cornell sent her annual Easter shirts.  They all look so cute in them!
2017-04-16 14.39.07

Halle’s dolls got a new Easter dress and an Easter basket.  Since my human family was very picture resistant, I got my photo fix with Halle’s dolls.  Don’t you just love the Easter Eggs in Julie’s hair?

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