We are ColoRADo!

I really wanted the photographer to shoot in 2 locations.  But alas, I could not convince her to do so.  But, that didn’t stop me from getting the pictures I wanted.  I brought my DSLR and a stool to set up self timed shots.  Well…..when we got there I discovered the DSLR battery was dead.  Sad.  Not to worry,  iPhone to the rescue.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the set up we had.  We pulled a garbage can over and rigged something on top to hold the phone steady.  And I have to say, I absolutely love the results!
2016-10-25 15.06.462016-10-25 15.08.31-1-12016-10-25 15.10.562016-10-25 15.11.072016-10-25 15.12.002016-10-25 15.15.02

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