Nederland Carousel

2016-03-25 11.41.09 HDR

I’ve been so excited to take my Dad to the Nederland Carousel.  This carousel was originally out at Salt Air.  My mom heard stories from her mom about all the fun they used to have out there.  After a big fire it was moved to Fairyland in American Fork.  Fairyland was at the Developmental Center near the amphitheater. My Dad has great memories of playing at this park as a kid.  After it fell into major disrepair it was sold to a guy in Nederland.  He took years and years to hand carve all new animals and now it resides in a darling little building in the heart of Nederland.  It is called the Carousel of Happiness.  I let the boys skip school (Halle had a fieldtrip she didn’t want to miss) and we headed up the canyon.  At $1/ride, we were set to have some fun!  All around the building there are cute little fairies perched on every nook and cranny as a nod to its history at fairyland.  We loved spotting all the fairies as we walked around.  (Dad, send me your pics too!!)

2016-03-25 11.40.082016-03-25 11.42.37 HDR2016-03-25 12.10.522016-03-25 12.15.27


After several rides on the Carousel we went exploring around Ned.  We found a Geode and Fossil store that the boys went crazy for!  Papa and Josh got matching crystal LED lights, and Blake got a little baggie of rocks.  I’ve never seen Josh so excited in a store before.  He was in heaven! 


Our last stop was homemade mini doughnuts in this train car cafe.  YUM. Such a fun day!


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