Manners Breakfast

I had the fun opportunity to “host” the 3rd grade Manners Breakfast.  They did this in lieu of a Christmas Party.  We had a great time!  Halle and I planned for the decorations, and she helped me set up the room the night before. We made adorable Christmas trees out of strawberries and grapes, and made cute little Santa hat spoons for the yogurt parfaits.  All the parents brought yummy, yummy food like breakfast casseroles, muffins, juice and fruit.   The kids had spent a few weeks learning about manners, and this was their chance to put them to the test.  They all dressed up in their fancy clothes, and the boys escorted the girls to their seats.  They practiced passing food, waiting until everyone had been served to eat, using proper utensils, and using their most polite conversation.  We did a little conversation game where someone would pick a question like “What would you do with $1000 dollars?” and then everyone at the table would share answers. 

It was such a great morning, and I was so happy to share it with my Princess!

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