On Turning 4

Dear Blake,
Happy birthday! What a fun, sweet, spunky boy you are growing into! You are a ray of sunshine at our house and I still love to smother you in kisses and squeeze your very adorable cheeks. This has been a big year for becoming more independent. You potty trained, learned to dress yourself, and went to preschool. You love to try new things and rarely want help from me if you think you can figure it out yourself. You are a kid with his own time table. NOTHING can coax you to hurry or do something in any other way but your own. Sometimes this is adorable, sometimes this is totally frustrating.
Lately I have loved when you ride your bike and I walk next to you. You jabber my ear off the entire time, and we stop to examine flowers, bugs, and other interesting things along the way.
You are a snuggle bug and love to climb in bed with me and daddy in the mornings. Daddy says that he is often woken by a stuffed animal staring him in the face and your sweet little giggle. You love for me to hold you “like a koala” where you wrap your legs around my waist and arms around my neck.
You have also inherited your mother’s stubbornness. If you don’t want to do something no amount of coaxing, pleading, or bribing can change your mind.
You have always been, and continue to be just a ray of sunshine, happiness, and love in our family. You make everyone smile and we all love you so much! Happy birthday my sweet son!

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