First Days in San Fran!

Taken from Rusty’s journal again.  He makes my job so easy!  Again, sorry for the stream of consciousness writing.  He loves it and I’m too lazy to fix it 🙂

Sunday we landed @ SFO.  The Lyft ride from SFO into the city was great.  Half the fun of Lyft & Uber is getting to talk to all the cool drivers.  We went to our hotel and the first thing we noticed is it was COLD.  At this point our house contract still hadn’t come through and there was some skepticism that it was going to come through at all.  I went into the Premier check in line and got our room.  Truthfully and this sounds spoiled but I was disappointed with the room, I thought that home suites would try to make up for the delay of a 4 bedroom apartment with a suite but they didn’t.  Oh well.  And the beds were tiny!  Full size beds.  We unpacked a little bit and then went for food because we were starving.
We walked to the Westinghouse shopping center because Tara and I had both eaten at the eatery and loved it.  We got good food for everyone.  Pizza, fries, salads, tacos, and gyros.  We then went into the Marbles store and stayed there forever playing with all the fun thinking games.  We walked down to the embarcadero, stopping at the Exploratorium.  Kids looked at the gift shop and Tara had a short nap on the couch outside. And then it was a nice long walk up the embarcadero to Pier 39.  Along the way we stopped at a Pier and blake got to see all the fishing and was fascinated by it.  Halle was grossed out by it and thought she was going to be sick.  It was kind of making me a little sick too.  Then we walked and walked and walked.  And made it to Pier 39.  I told blake he could have a snack and at first he wanted a corn dog.  No big deal, like 3 bucks.  Then he changed his mind and water a crepe, a $10 crepe.  I was sure the others would freak out so I got them a crepe too.
Then we saw the seals.  Halle loved the seals.  Then we walked to Chinatown.  Josh said two funny things: “Do you think the real China is this dirty?” (litter was everywhere in the streets) “Do you think other countries have an Americatown?”. Pretty funny.  Chinatown was kind of gross, but they had shops with cheap stuff of everything that the kids thought was interesting.   We walked to dinner, a chinese restaurant, Hunan something. It was just okay.  Tara had gone to  the Golden Gate bakery and got us some egg tarts.  Again just okay.  The price was $1 if there is no line, $2 if there is a line. There was a line. We ate our dinner and pastries and then walked down through the Dragon Gate back to our hotel.  Everyone was pretty tired but we turned on reruns of shark week and watched one episode while everyone fell asleep.
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(Playing Color Wheel while we wait for our food)
2016-07-10 20.43.32
Monday morning Tara and I woke up early and went for a run, time to get back training for NYC marathon.  We ran down embarcadero, very similar to the walk we had taken the day before, but covering a lot more ground a lot more quickly. We kept running.  It was getting late now.  We ran all the way to Chrissy field and then called an Uber to take us home.  It was a brand new car and we were a little sweaty, felt kinda bad.

2016-07-11 08.03.472016-07-11 08.38.42

Got home and the kiddos were barely awake. we went to breakfast at the Cable Car Cafe.  It was really good.  I got the oatmeal and was really glad I did.  Then we headed down to Market Street so we could get free Slurpees on 7-11 from 7 Eleven on 711 Market street.  We drank them in Union Square.

2016-07-11 10.43.33
We passed the Disney Store and I couldn’t resist getting the kids a cute little Tsum Tsum.  They were so happy!
2016-07-11 11.25.23
2016-07-11 11.32.01Then we rode the spiral escalators up and down the Westinghouse center, the kids thought that was pretty neat.  All the time I’m calling and emailing about our house.  Hoping hoping that we are going to be able to get in.  We went back to our hotel and the kids just played.  Finally I got the call.  We were in.  We loaded up in a Lyft and headed off to our new home.  It was love at first site.  Mostly.  A great four bedroom place on a cute street in Noe Valley.  Although at first I thought the beds were full beds again.  Luckily I was wrong, they are queens.  Then our mattress was insanely uncomfortable.  Blake was super soft.  I swapped them a few days later in a dangerous move where I might have cracked the wall.  Not sure yet.
2016-07-14 19.45.43
Blake and halle got the two upstairs rooms.  Josh and us got the two downstairs rooms.  Halle’s room is perfect, it is so cutely decorated and looks like a Harry Potter room.  Blake was potentially supposed to be the master bedroom but it is so far upstairs that it just doesn’t make sense.  (And as the protector I can’t imagine hanging out up there while my kids sleep next to the door).  And the stairs are Steep!
Then we walked down the mission which is like stepping into latin america to La Taqueria which Josh calls La Tranquilizer.  It was a huge hit.  Burritos and tacos and quesadillas were excellent.  Everyone loved them.  Especially the kids.  Josh has been asking about it ever since then.  We walked to Dolores Park.  It is amazing.  A HUGE park.  With the longest slide I’ve ever seen. So much fun.  Everybody loved it.  We are all big fans of Dolores park.  That’s where it really set in that we were here in San Francisco and we were very happy.  Our first night in San Fran was a hit.  Everyone loved their room, although our bed was a little small and not comfortable.
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