Blake’s first week (give or take a few days!)

Coming Home Day May 28th, 2009

First Bath (after cord fell off) June 3rd, 2009 1 week old

“Look Mommy, that’s where Blake lives” said Josh as soon as the hospital came in sight. And that’s kind of what it’s felt like the past week! Blake started turning REALLY yellow at about 6 days old and a blood test (by a dumb tech who I swear had never drawn blood on a baby before) confirmed he had jaundice. So, he had to have phototherapy under the billi-lights. NO FUN FOR ANYONE. We had to get his blood drawn daily at the hospital, and he HATED the lights. They have to be naked except for their diaper, and we all know that newborns love to be swaddled. As a result, every time he would move it would make him jump and he’d wake up. No one got much sleep for a few days. But we are glad to report that his levels are dropping and we no longer need the lights. (thank heaven!)
Grandpa and Grandma Banks came out last Sunday, and we were sure glad there were here. Halle and Josh loved having playmates and got to do so many fun things like go to the museum to see the Bulider exhibit (a Josh favorite), go see “Up” in 3D and painting fingernails (a Halle favorite) and eat GIANT slices of Pizza at Costco. It was so nice to have the help with the kids, especially because I had to take Blake to the Dr. so much. But the hit of the trip was Grandpa’s Iphone. Rusty doesn’t allow the kids to touch his Iphone, but Grandpa has all sorts of neat stuff on his. Puzzles, games, and the Gummy Bear song. Josh would mob Alan every time he came through the door begging to listen to Gummy Bear. We are so glad they got to come out and were sad to see them go!
Blake is a great baby–he just eats and sleeps. We hardly ever hear him cry (blood draws excluded). When he’s hungry he just starts grunting and rooting around. It’s pretty funny to watch. He loves to be snuggled, and sleeps best when someone is holding him. (Usually Mom or big Sister are glad to oblige)

3 thoughts on “Blake’s first week (give or take a few days!)

  1. 1- happy birthday, rusty!
    2- blake is so big! how much does he weigh now?
    3- why doesn't your face look puffy & swollen in the hospital bed? that's not human.

  2. That is a bummer that Blake had jaundice. Both my boys had it. Mitchell had to be intensive care for a couple days with it, and Logan had to do the lights for a few days. It is so sad seeing your newborn under the lights when all you want to do is hold him. I am glad that his levels have gone down.

  3. Looks like you are all adjusting well to the new little guy. Parker had jaundice really bad and needed the lights for a couple of days… was horrible and I swear that the techs they hire to draw blood on newborns are only hired if they can hurt the baby as much as possible.

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