Happy Halloween!

The kids went easy on me this year.  Halle was a baby, Blake was a Ninja Turtle (costume from the bin downstairs) and Josh was a tree. (where did he come up with that?)  Josh’s costume required a little bit of creativity, but we had fun with it!  We were at the mall  and Blake spotted a squirrel Christmas Ornament and he said, “Mom!!  We have to buy this for Josh’s costume!”  And so that’s exactly what we did. 

I also got to plan Blake and Halle’s School Halloween Parties.  it was lots of fun.  In Blakes class we made a cute ghost craft, read Halloween stories, and played a fun phonics i-spy game.  In Halle’s class they made their own Halloween Taboo game and we made Slime. 

 IMG_0027IMG_0029IMG_0021  IMG_0031 IMG_0034

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