Bolder Boulder

On Memorial Day Rusty and I ran in our very first Bolder Boulder 10K road race.  We now feel like we are officially adopted into the Colorado Family.  The Bolder Boulder is the largest road race in the country, so we competed against 54,000 other runners. Some of these runners included superman, wonder woman, and many a man dressed in drag. It was such a fun race, with slip and slides, sprinklers, and people offering you doughnuts and bacon all along the course.  Feeding off the energy of that many people is amazing.  I set a PR for a 10k race, and Rusty did pretty darn awesome as well.

Bolder Boulder Jen Tara Amber cropTop: My good friends and fellow M.O.M.s, Amber and Jen
Below: Dan and Jen, Rusty and I, and Amber, Jeremy and Jamis
Bolder Boulder Dan Jen Rusty Tara Amber Jeremy

Rusty Bolder Boulder Tara and Rusty Bolder Boulder Tara Bolder Boulder
See the dinosaur man behind Rusty?  There was also a guy in a banana suit who was running close to me, and I was determined not to let a guy in a banana suit beat me! 

2 thoughts on “Bolder Boulder

  1. Looks like a fun race! Love the ones that have some “character” to them… makes it that much more enjoyable 🙂 Oh, and glad you beat the banana guy – would be maddening to be beat by a running banana!


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