Josh’s 10th Birthday

Dear Josh,

What a fun year it has been!  You continue to be such a fun, thoughtful force for good in our family.  We adore you.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite memories of you from this past year.

I got to coach your soccer team this past season.  You have always said that you don’t really like soccer, but since Nolan wanted to play you decided to give it a try.  We weren’t a very good team at all and often got killed on the field.  But through it all our little team maintained such optimistic attitudes and never gave up.  That is such an important characteristic.  Even when we were sure we would lose, we played with our whole hearts.  You could leave that field with your head held high no matter the score of the game.  And just the other day you told me that you had a great season and that soccer was so much fun.  I’m so glad you decided to give it a try and even more glad that I got to be your coach!

I always tease you that when I give you hugs it’s like trying to hug a limp noodle.  You never hug back!  But now, if you say, “limp noodle” I tickle attack you. You always try to find a time when I’m too tired to attack you, but usually I win and you get tickled.  I love your sweet little giggle and love to play and have fun with you.

We’ve had some great trips this year.  Going out on the boat in Austin was a blast.  Eating Tacos every chance you got at “La Tranquilizer” was delicious. You are Uber’s biggest fan.  Playing with Bode in the swimming pool in Newport was the best.  And I’ll never forget what you said just the other day in NYC.  We saw the Statue of Liberty from a distance and it was the day before the Presidential Election.  You said, “We saw Lady Liberty on America’s last day of liberty. Because no matter who wins tomorrow, we are doomed.”

You are so introspective and well spoken.  You are a 4 square addict.  You love to read Wings of Fire with Dad.  You would choose your iPod over almost any other activity on the planet.   Anytime you have a spare moment, you’ve got your audio book on.  I think you’d listen non stop if you could.  Right now your favorite thing to listen to is the 5 Kingdoms series by Brandon Mull.

Josh, always be proud of who you are.  Remember that you get to choose your attitude and that you are in charge of your own fate.  I know you will continue to amaze me with all that you accomplish.

I love you big as the sky!

We had a fun day with this DOUBLE DIGIT boy!!  It started, per usual, with Reeces Puffs and Bacon Egg sandwiches.

Next was present time!  Josh got The Jolly Penguin racer from Grandma and Grandpa Cornell, a mini drone from Grandma and Grandpa Banks, and from mom and dad: a poop emoji, a geode kit, the newest Jedi Acadmey Book and Star Wars Nesting Dolls.

I brought Josh lunch from Chic Fil a and had a great time chatting with his little buddies.  I’ve learned that most of their lunch time is spent stealing each other’s food 🙂


In 4th grade on your birthday you get to wear the special Paw cape.  It was adorable.


Later that night we went over to Sarah’s to celebrate FOUR Banksberry birthdays.  Josh and Claire share a birthday, Max’s is on the 4th, and Halle’s on the 9th.  We ate cake and ice cream and then shared what we love best about the Birthday Boy and Birthday Girl.  It was perfect evening.

But the fun didn’t end there.  While we were in NYC we took Josh back to his favorite Pizza place, Caesar’s Palace Pizza. He said his slice of pepperoni was even better than he remembered.  And he got a bottle of Snapple for old times sake.  Love celebrating this special boy!

He also got to spend his extra birthday cash from G&G Cornell at Dylan’s Candy store.

Rusty and I recieved this note a few days after we got home from our trip.  Isn’t he so sweet?


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