The rest of Spring Break

Last summer when Halle was flying home from EFY, her flight was delayed for like 5 hours.  Southwest gave her $100 voucher and she decided to use it over Spring Break to go to Utah.  She had such a fun time!  She got grandparents all to herself, got to see cousins, and sleep in the nice dark basement.  Here are some highlights:

2019-03-27 11.36.262019-03-27 11.44.292019-03-27 10.54.252019-03-25 14.18.202019-03-25 11.43.062019-03-24 19.59.59

While Halle was away, the boys and I did play!  We took Dash to a 100 mile club event2019-03-25 12.06.25Played lots and lots of screens2019-03-25 20.53.25Got a Collar engraved for Dash2019-03-26 09.40.19Under much duress the boys both got haircuts2019-03-26 10.05.43Here’s the after pic.  My mom saw this and said, “Which hairs did they cut???”  Mom, all I can say is that you should have seen the shaggy before pics 🙂2019-03-27 17.07.37Swimming with friends2019-03-26 15.41.27We visited cute Faith at Power Back rehab.  She broke her hip about a month ago.  The kids all performed musical pieces and then at the very end they sang “The Miracle.”  I think it was a fun night for everyone!

Dave and Busters for 1/2 price Wednesday and then Tacos for lunch.  Both boys cleaned up at Dave and Busters!  Josh had enough tickets for wireless earbuds and Blake had enough for a mini claw machine.  I think this was definitely their favorite day. 2019-03-27 13.50.58-1

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