Bunker Hill and the USS Constitution


We finally finished up the Freedom Trail!  And these were two of our favorite stops.  Halle has been excited to climb the Bunker Hill Monument since she saw pictures of it in a guide book awhile back.  We all wanted Rusty to come with us, so we waited until he got off work and then headed over.  But first, let me introduce you to my new best friend:

Her name is Sweet, Sweet Freedom. We are going to take a few road trips in the next week, and Rusty needed a car for a couple of business meetings, so she’s ours for a week. 

Bunker Hill is a beautiful monument set in a green park in a cute little neighborhood.  It was a sweltering 92 degrees but we were determined to climb the 294 steps to the top.  And we’re so glad we did.  Despite our very red faces and very sweaty bodies, the view was incredible. 
bunker hill monumentIMG_3842IMG_4628

It was much easier coming down those same stairs, and we jetted over to see “Old Ironsides” (seen in the pic above sitting in the harbor)

There was a fantastic story telling guide who had the kids riveted with tales of Navel Battles. They especially loved one story about how the wind died right in the heat of battle, and the ships had to move inch by inch throwing anchors and then pulling the ship along, firing cannons all the while.  The battle lasted  57 hours.  Blake loved exploring the ship and climbing up and down the steep stairs leading from one deck to another. 



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