Rusty Arrives


Finally!  After two weeks apart, Rusty is finally here.  He did not have an easy time getting to Boston either.  His flight was delayed, and then the airline didn’t have his bag.  Apparently only about 50% of the bags were loaded onto the airplane in Denver.  Frustrating.  He called to tell me it would be awhile until everything was sorted out and that I could go to sleep and he’d call me when he got to the apartment.  So I fell asleep, but didn’t realize my phone was on silent. When he got to the apartment about 1:15am he called, texted, and called some more with no luck.  But, being the resourceful guy that he is, he dug through my email and found the code to the apartment building.  He let himself into the building, but still couldn’t get into our apartment.  The door wasn’t all the way locked , but the safety lock was on, so he could open the door a crack.  Luckily, Blake sleeps in the living room, and so Rusty said, “Blake! Blake!”  A sleeply, startled Blake answered, “What?”  “It’s me, Dad.  Can you come let me in?”  “Oh!  Hi Dad! Sure!”  Blake let Rusty in and then promptly fell right back asleep.  Rusty came into our bedroom and scared me half to death!  Poor Guy.  That wasn’t the best Welcome to Boston. 


The kids are overjoyed to have Dad here, and loved showing him their city skills.  First up today was the Harvard Museum of Natural History. This museum smelled really weird, and was kinda old school, but it was worth a little visit.  The coolest parts were the glass flower room and the room full of different minerals. Halle liked the Hall of Mammals best. 
harvard museum of natural historyCollage

We ate lunch at Cambridge 1, a cute little pizza joint in Harvard Square.  The pizza was delicious—fresh cheeses and a thin, crispy crust.
IMG_3717We had hoped to head to Providence in the evening to go to the Water Fires, but due to a longer than expected nap, and reading the train schedule wrong, we missed the train, and the next one was too late to make it worth our time.  So, we headed down to Quincy Market for some quick dinner, and then over to the Harbor and the Greenway to spend the evening. 
PicMonkey Collage

Josh loved showing Rusty how he can navigate the subway, and there was also discussion of the merits and downfalls of each of the different subway lines. 

Sitting at a fountain on the Greenway watching the kids splash and play with the city in the background was so fun. 

We ended the day back up in Harvard Square at JP Licks.  We enjoyed our ice cream as we strolled back to Banks street. 


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