Revere Beach


We spent the day at America’s First Public Beach.  It’s just a hop, skip and a jump on the Blue Line to the Ocean.  The beach certainly wasn’t the greatest beach of all time but it had the 4 essential elements: sun, sand, water, and most importantly, SEA SHELLS.  The kids had great fun gathering piles and piles of shells.  Blake even organized his piles according to the size of the sea shell. 
sea shells

The water was FREEZING.  Take your breath away, scream when the waves hit you, freezing.  But, it only took a few minutes for your whole body to go numb so we still all enjoyed playing in the waves.  Blake thought this was the best beach ever because the waves were just his size and the sandbar extended far out into the water so he could safely play without the worry of the water getting too deep.  Josh says his favorite part was getting splashed by the waves.  Halle says her favorite part was also jumping over the waves and trying to body surf.
beach Collage

We built sand volcanoes, had a beach picnic, and even a mud fight.  We ended the day with a GIANT bowl of delicious ice cream.  We are already looking forward to our next beach adventure!

IMG_4095 - Copy

A man on the T came up to Blake and said he bought these hats for his grandkids and that he had one to many.  Blake was thrilled at the unexpected gift, and hasn’t taken it off since. 

IMG_4096 - CopyIMG_4098 - Copy

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