Blake’s 8 kids

Blake and I were headed to soccer the other day, and having a conversation about getting a dog.  It went something like this. 

Blake: “Mom, when are we getting a dog?” (an oft asked question)
Me: “Blake, when you have your own house, you can have as many pets as you want.  But right now we are not getting a dog.”
Blake: (pouting) “When I’m a Dad, I am going to let my kids make the choices.  If they want a dog, they can get a dog.”
Me: “That’s awesome!  You are going to be a great Dad.  How many kids do you want to have?”
Blake: (tapping the side of his face) “Hmmm….I think…..about 8!”
Me: “How cool!  I’m going to get to be a grandma to 8 cute little Blake babies? I will be so excited.”
Blake: “Yeah.  Will you tend them sometimes?  I think me and my wife will need a break.”

He also later told me that they would get a house car (RV) to go on vacations together.  And I was invited to come. 

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