Halle Girl’s 5th Birthday!

Our little Halle Berry turned 5 on Sunday! She had an awesome cowgirl party with her friends yesterday where they got to make balloon animals, make a barn picture frame, and get animal tattoos. She got so many fun presents and can’t decide which she should play with, so she just bounces from one thing to another. Her party this year was a breeze—it’s amazing the difference even one year makes at a bday party. But, it also helped that Brian and Sara came to help us with all the crafts and crowd control. We had pizza and cake and ice cream and after we ate the girls sat quietly and played with Halle’s new Barbies while the boys wrestled—ending in one bloody nose. But the favorite part of the party had to be playing bop the balloon with Rusty. They all had their animals and Rusty would throw them from the top of the stairs and they would try to keep them in the air. The kids must have run up and down the stairs 100 times.
Then later that afternoon we went with the Loveridges to see Madagascar. All the kids loved it—even Josh. He sat through the entire thing!
Now for some fun facts about Halle. If there were one word to describe Halle it would be “friendly.” She is a friend to everyone she meets. Whenever we go to the park, pool, or wherever, she always ends up with a new friend. Also, recently at parent teacher conferences her teacher told me that she is a social bug who often has to be reminded to cut back on the chit chat. Umm…..Mom, sound familiar??? But her teacher said she is also the one to befriend everyone and make sure everyone is included and happy.
Halle loves all things animal, and if there is a dog at the park you can bet you will find Halle parked right next to it. She also loves Indy and White the Kitty, and sometimes forgets that we go to Utah to see our family—she just wants to play with the animals!
Halle is also becoming an excellent reader. She is very patient and will sit and read her Bob books at night with Dad. She is already to level 5! She loves all things with screens—movies, TV, computer games, and will watch whatever is on, even if it’s the 5:00 news. Halle has also been such a huge help since I’ve been sick. She is so good to play with and take care of Josh. We love you so much Halle! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

11 thoughts on “Halle Girl’s 5th Birthday!

  1. Wow, 5 I can’t believe it. Happy Birthday Halle. We are headed over your way this Sat for an overnight stay in Denver and dinner at Casa Bonita’s (I don’t know how to spell it) on our way to Kansas for thanksgiving. It made me think about you and realize I haven’t said hi in a while. Sounds like all is good, hope your pregnancy is going well.

  2. Happy “late” Birthday Halle. It sounds like the party was a success. I am hoping we get to see “friendly” Halle girl during the holidays. Loves

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