ELEVEN years!

After celebrating our 10th anniversary all year long, we weren’t quite ready to settle back into the “dinner and a stroll” routine. I surprised Rusty with a weekend get away to Denver. We started out at the Aurora Rez, where we tested our balancing skills on paddle boards. It was great fun paddling all over the rez, and even more fun to lay down on the boards for a little nap in the middle of the water. So relaxing. We then headed to Denver where we were staying at the Hyatt. We got sandwiches for dinner, sat in the hot tub, and ordered room service for dessert. We slept in the next morning, then on to the main event. BRUNCH. Rusty and I both love breakfast food, and so I researched fun places to Brunch in Denver. We settled on Ellyingtons at the Brown Palace. YUM. We ate and talked for hours. The culmination was a liquid caramel drink that about put Rusty in a food pleasure coma. πŸ™‚ Loved our date, Love this guy!

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