Spring Break 2014

We had a low key Spring Break this year.  It was so nice to kick back and relax.  There were lots of morning cartoons, big breakfasts, and staying in pajamas until noon.  But we also managed to pull ourselves together a few times to go have some fun.

We went swimming at the Apex Center in Arvada.  I can’t believe I’ve lived in CO 8 years and had never heard of this place!  It was so much fun.  Two huge water slides (not pictured), a lazy river, giant play structure, obstacle course…..everything kids could ever want for a day of fun at the pool.  The Martinezs came with us and we are so glad they joined us on this fun adventure.

As much as the kids protested, we also had a little history lesson over Spring Break.  I got a bunch of books about The Unsinkable Molly Brown from the library, and also rented the movie.  She was a fascinating person, and I was so inspired by all her work in the women’s suffrage movement and all her philanthropy.  The movie makes her seem like a flippant social climber, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  We culminated our learning with a visit to her house in Denver.  It was absolutely fascinating.  
While we were downtown, we decided to stop for lunch at a place that has long been on my list.  The Duffyroll cafe.  They tout that they make the best cinnamon rolls in Denver.  We sampled a few flavors, and also had some yummy sandwiches.  Although I don’t think I would ever make a special trip to get these cinnamon rolls, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, they’re worth a try!  They were gone before I could even snap a picture.  
Our favorite Spring Break activity was tending Wilson, a 9 month old Golden doodle.  He was adorable, and the kids had a great time romping around with him. We took him on many walks, and even took him to a doggy wash to have a bath.  

Halle used her creative juices to peruse Pinterest in search of the perfect Easter craft.  She found these adorable bunnies and spent a couple of afternoons making bunnies for her and the boys. 

Another highlight for everyone was a trip up to Ft. Collins to visit our dear friends the Bohns.  There was much screeching and laughter all night long.  The kids love being together and make up the funniest games.  Brandon smoked us some delicious brisket and pork–we always love when Brandon cooks for us!  Blake said, “Mom, Brandon is the best cook ever, right?”  We all agree.  
And last but not least, I coordinated all the volunteers for the Westminster 13.1.  I love working at races and becoming familiar with all the work that goes into putting on a great race.  We had a pretty big hiccup–due to a course marking getting run over by a truck the lead biker took a wrong turn and lead the lead pack of runners in the wrong direction.  By the time they got back on course and finished the race, runners ended up running anywhere from 11-16 miles.  Luckily those that got lost were mostly gracious and understanding. So, not quite a picture perfect day.  
Only 6 more weeks till summer!

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