I’m glad I live in a world where there are Octobers

I just love the fall time.  Cool mornings and beautifully sunny afternoons.  I wish it would stay fall forever! I am also drawn to warm colors, so yellow leaves, orange pumpkins and golden sunsets just fill me with peace.
It’s been a mellow month, but there are a few fun and noteworthy things I want to remember. 
Brett, Kami and Kids came for dinner and we played soccer out on the golf course.  We are a competitive bunch and we played until it was too dark to see the ball, and then still played on.  It was so much fun.
 2015-10-11 18.45.31
The Denver Zoo had a Lego exhibit that was amazing!  We loved spotting all our favorite animals in Lego form. Halle wanted her picture with every one of them.
2015-10-16 13.47.492015-10-16 14.10.382015-10-16 14.25.52
We went to the Vista Ridge fall festival.  It was mostly a big flop.  But, Halle and Josh got a caricature draw and they turned out so cute.  They both immediately hung them up on the wall at home. 
2015-10-17 16.18.512015-10-17 16.24.16
We are enjoying many, many fun bike rides.  The crunch of the leaves under our tires is so satisfying!
2015-10-18 16.36.37
One night there was a HUGE thunder and lightening storm.  Rusty was out of town and the kids were all terrified.  We turned on music to drown out the noise and left some lights on but no one could sleep.  Finally everyone ended up in my bed.  It was a tight squeeze!  When I went to get Halle from her room I discovered the “wall of stuffies” she had built to try and block out the lightening flashes. 
2015-10-21 10.27.25
I was pretty jealous that Rusty got to work from one of the Rainbow Room meeting rooms.  That view!
2015-10-22 13.04.25 HDR
This month I had to say goodbye to Hayley.  And she went out with a bang.  We had a girls night out at Terror in the Corn at Anderson Farms.  This chic has style and I’m gonna miss her!
2015-10-23 19.39.07
Josh: “Mom, when are we going to get to carve pumpkins instead of paint them?”  Me: “never.”
2015-10-23 20.16.01
The boys are working so hard at 100 mile club!  Josh has passed 50 miles and Blake is getting close.  Some days they run hard, some days they just walk but I am proud of their determination and consistency.  Right now Josh has the 2nd most miles in the 3rd grade. 
2015-10-27 07.42.53
Josh earned his wolf badge at Pack Meeting.  The cub scout program was revamped a few months ago and Josh was so worried that he wouldn’t be able to earn his patch with all the new changes.  His leaders assured him as long as he came to den meetings and participated that he would earn his award.  We had to skip den one week because of other commitments and he was distraught. Of course, all was well.  He’s such a little rule follower.  He does not get that trait from me.
It was a fun surprise to be awarded with my Mother’s Pin. I know nothing about scouts, so basically everything that happens is a surprise to me Smile
2015-10-27 18.52.012015-10-27 18.52.16

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