I’m Dreaming of a White……Halloween??

Yep, it snowed today.  And not just snowed—they’re predicting 12-18 inches on the ground by tomorrow night!  HOLY COW!  Here’s some pics. Poor, Poor trick-or-treaters. 



And speaking of Halloween, we decorated our annual Halloween sugar cookies this weekend.  This tradition stems back to when I was a little girl, and it’s just as fun now as it was then.  And I’m pretty sure I consumed about 20 of said cookies in about two days.  I really, really love them. CIMG2748 CIMG2744

10 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a White……Halloween??

  1. I saw that it snowed really bad there when we were watching the Jazz play the Nuggets the other night. Then Paul and I thought we saw Rusty in the crowd wearing a Jazz jersey. WEIRD! Glad to see you finished your race. I'm serious when I say we need to do one in the spring.


  2. Wow! Actually, one of my favorite Halloween memories is when it snowed two feet and we all went out in costumes and snow boots. Hopefully, it'll make for good memories for your kids, too!


  3. I cannot even imagine Halloween with snow. Our kids are usually peeling out of their costumes within the first thirty minutes of trick-or-treating because they are burning up! Wow!


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