Christmas 2010

I am happy to report that we all waited until AFTER Christmas to get sick this year.  I am sad to report that we ALL got sick after Christmas.  I don’t know what it is about us, Utah, and Christmas, but it has got to end! We want a healthy Christmas vacation!!  Before the sick bug hit, we did manage to squeeze in some pretty fun stuff, starting with Christmas Eve.  We had a talent show at the Bank’s house (Halle and Josh sang Away in a Manger), followed by the nativity.  Sharon is always so creative and the kids had a blast putting together their stables, and then performing the nativity.

DSC_0482DSC_0508  DSC_0490  DSC_0511

Then you should have seen the chaos of present time!  The kids all got pillow pets and zhu zhu pets, which were wrapped in GIANT bags, big enough to swallow Blake and Kali whole.

DSC_0520 DSC_0526 DSC_0532 DSC_0536 DSC_0549

The same scene was repeated at the Cornell House later in the evening, but this time Halle got to be Mary.  I love the way she is looking at the Baby Jesus.  So precious. The evening concluded with the kiddos opening their new pajamas, and the annual sibling sleepover, where we had a rockin Wii bowling tournament.

DSC_0558 DSC_0565 DSC_0568 DSC_0573

Christmas morning is a blur, just like it always is.  Presents galore, and  wrapping paper everywhere.  The best part of the day went something like this: Josh runs in to see his present from Santa.  This is what it looked like. Notice it’s shape.

Josh SantaWell, as soon as he saw it, he plopped down on the floor with a very mad expression on his face.  I asked him what was wrong, and he said, “I asked Santa to bring me some cars for Christmas, but all I got was this big stick.  What good is a big stick?”  Of course, everyone is ROARING with laughter and I assured him it wasn’t a big stick.  He opened it to reveal a brand new car rug.  But look carefully at what was in the middle of the rolled up rug:


Yes, a really big stick.  (well, cardboard to be more accurate).  Darn that Santa!  Josh is a good kid—he deserves more than a big stick.  🙂


Every years Santa always brings the kids a new ornament.  I’m sad I didn’t take pictures of them, but you can see Blake’s in the picture above.  The front said “Blake” with a picture of a little boy with an angel halo over his head.  The back said, “the destroyer.”  Santa knows that boy well!  Halle got a table and a tea set for her doll, and we have had many fun tea parties since.

DSC_0594 DSC_0595 DSC_0610 DSC_0579DSC_0587

Merry Christmas everyone!

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