A tradition carrying to the 2nd generation

Growing up, every Christmas Eve Rusty and his brothers would go skiing with his Dad while his Mom stayed home, wrapped presents, prepared Christmas Eve dinner, and got everything ready for Christmas morning.  After we were married, we carried on this tradition a couple of times, but all our tiny kids made it hard to go, so we disbanded the tradition.  But, now that the kids are getting older we can carry this tradition to the next generation.  We took Halle, Josh, Bridger, and Bode skiing at Sundance on Christmas Eve.  The kids were so cute, and they are excited to make it a tradition of their own!  Bridger and Bode, who’d been a few times before, were great skiiers, and by the end of the day Halle could hold her own as well.  Josh just liked to bomb down the mountain as fast as he could with Mom or Dad trailing behind him to catch him when he got too wobbly.  It was so much fun, but my back was KILLING by the end of the day 🙂 


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