Colorado Springs

My parents were in town last week and we had so much fun! We got to go and spend a few days in Colorado Springs, and we wish we would have stayed longer! It is so beautiful down there and SO MUCH to do. We went to “Focus on the Family” which is a HUGE kid play area with slides, airplanes, trains, dress-ups, books, puppets, etc. The kids had a blast. Then we stopped at a pond to feed the ducks. Josh tried to walk right out into the lake. That kid has no fear. They also loved swimming at the hotel–I thought Josh was going to jump right out of his skin he was so excited.
The next day we went to Garden of the Gods, which is beautiful. It’s a little like a mini southern Utah right smack dab in the middle of Colorado Springs. Halle, of course, got very tired on our mile, paved trail hike. We’ve got to toughen that girl up…… Then we went to see Seven Falls. It is a pretty impressive water fall, and even has an in mountain elevator to take you to the top. You can also do the stairs, so Rusty and I climbed the stairs while Grandma and Grandpa took the kids on the elevator. Well, it turns out we took the wrong stairs–we wanted to go to the top of the waterfall, and these stairs only took you up to a viewing point where you could get a good look at the waterfall. I was all staired out, but Rusty and my Dad went back down and found the right set of stairs. Good for them.
But Halle’s favorite part of the whole Grandma and Grandpa trip was getting to stay the night in the hotel with my parents. They stayed at a hotel in Thornton while they were here, and took her back with them one night. She did “seat drop stand ups” on the “BIG” bed, got to play candyland 4 times (and won every time!) and she got to get a treat out of the vending machine. The girl had died and gone to heaven. She still speaks of it with awe in her voice.

12 thoughts on “Colorado Springs

  1. A weekend with Ralph and Sus, what could be better? Hey I know where you can find the “Real” Southern Utah. Just give me a call and I’ll tell you where its at, free room and board too:)


  2. Ralph and Susan are such totally awesome parents to spend so much time and money on their children. And yes Brandon, we rock!!We had a very fun time in Colorado. It was as good as southern Utah. And Halle’s seat drop stand ups were a sight to behold.


  3. It looks like you trip with your parent was fun. My brother lives in Colorado Spring. They planned on just living there for a few years and then move back to Idaho, but they love it there. He has decided to stay and set up his dental practice there. From looking at your pictures and everything they say about it, it looks like an awesome place. Talk to you soon. Kami


  4. you have such cute kiddies! and you look great too! I love that you (and Rusty) still look just as young as you did when I met you…and you were 18 then! Looks like a fun weekend! Hopefully we get to see you soon!


  5. Hey! You do have family visit you! It looks fun. Such a cute little family.Jeff may be interviewing in CO this Fall/Winter. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be posting from CO next year. 🙂


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