Pinkalicious: The Musical

When I saw this production of Pinkalicious was playing at the Manhattan Movement and Arts center over by the Lincoln center, I knew I had to take my kids.  They are all big Pinkalicious fans.  (And Purplelicious, and Goldilocious, and Silverlicious).  They play was one hour, and it was adorable.  All 3 kids were enthralled.  The music was cute and the storyline was simple and followed the book quite well. 

I got up that morning and went for a run while Rusty took the kiddos to help clean the church.  I didn’t get up early enough, and was disappointed that I didn’t get to run a few more miles.  I got all showered and ready, then put on my “pretty” (non-walking) shoes b/c the theater was only a couple blocks from the subway.  I got down in the subway station only to hear, “There are extensive delays of the 1,2,3 trains.  Please seek alternate transportation.”  Ahhhh!  I was at the station on Broadway and 86th, so I ran down to Central Park West and caught the subway there.  The B train wasn’t quite as close to my destination, so then I had to run and run some more to make it to the theater on time.  Needless to say, I was glad I hadn’t run those few extra miles in the morning—I more than made up for it running to Pinkalicious! 

After the show the kids all got to meet the cast and get autographs and pictures.  Fun Fun!

We then took a little walk over to Sheep’s meadow for the Ward Picnic.  It was fun to be able to meet and hang out with more members in our ward.  Again, I just can’t say enough good things about how nice and welcoming everyone has been to us.  I even found a running partner!  Yay! 

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