Josh’s First day of Preschool

My tiny Josh went to his first day of preschool today. He is so excited to have something that is just for him and not for Halle. We bought him a Lightening McQueen backpack and he’s been toting it around for weeks.

Me and 4 other friends (Joanna, Haley, Nikki, and Carrie) are doing home preschool this year. Crazy, maybe. Money saving, definitely. We each paid $100 for curriculum for the entire year. I paid twice that a month for Halle’s preschool! We all just rotate teaching, so we teach one week out of every 5. Today was at Joanna’s house and she said everyone did pretty good, but they needed lots of breaks. Josh was very excited about an alligator they made by gluing macaroni to a paper and then painting it green. But he really wanted to eat the macaroni, and was so confused when I kept telling him that under no circumstance was he to eat the paint covered noodles.

Another funny Josh story–he is such a little PARROT. Anyone listening to him talk can tell exactly how I discipline him. Our conversation:
Me: Josh, please go clean your room
Josh: Mom, if you say those words to me again you are going to go to time-out. OK?
Me: Josh, you can’t talk to mommy like that
Josh: says it again
Me: If you choose to say that again you will lose your cartoons
Josh: Mom, if you make me clean my room you will lose the remote.

Oh my heavens! It sounds so sassy, but I don’t think he really means it that way. And today he told me if I took off his Nike shirt that I would be in Major Trouble. It’s so hard not to laugh at him.

12 thoughts on “Josh’s First day of Preschool

  1. Oh goodness that conversation reminds me completely of the ones I have daily with my three-year-old! Isn't it amazing how smart such young kids can be?! Looks like preschool is going well – paint covered noodles and all! 🙂


  2. Sounds like a preview of when they get to be teenagers only it will be way more intense. It's good to get some practice in now rather than later. Maybe Josh will have to live with us during those fun years because it won't be “allowed” here. HH


  3. Tara, how I LOVE you for helping me out on the “Questions About Mormonism” thread. I definitely had no idea that this thread would so popular! I've felt somewhat overwhelmed until you came on! That being said, I've also felt like I've been on fire these part two days and have had this HUGE rush of adrenaline. It's been so fun! Thank you again, and please continue to help!


  4. Hi Tara,
    First of all, darling little boy you have : )
    Second of all, I wanted to say thank you for your response to my questions on the 1st Mormonism thread on BF last week. I just got back to reading responses today, and the threads are already locked, but I wanted to thank you for your input and for answering my question directly. So, thank you!


  5. Are you doing Mother Goose preschool? I am doing it with some moms here with Kenz. She also came home with a green alligator with Macaroni noodles on it the first day. 🙂 I can't believe these kids are old enough for any preschool!


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