Two words. Test Track. So fun. Loved it. IMG_3181   
Soarin’ was a close second.  I will never forget Blake’s face, or the way he curled up his little feet when we were gliding across the ocean.  So cute. 

Agent P adventure.  Admittedly, I thought my kids would like this more.  They LOVE Perry.  But, they kept fighting over whose turn it was to hold the communicator, and we kept missing the instructions. Also, it took a long time.  45 min at least.  But, it was fun to make the troll dance in the gift shop window, raise the flag on the Norwegian castle, and save the world from Dr. Doofenschmitrz. 

Reflections.  My least favorite of the night time entertainment.  Due to poor location, I spent the entire show with Josh on my shoulders. 

World Showcase.  The kids had fun at the kidcot stations getting their passport book and their Perry sticks stamped.  I enjoyed all the yummy treats along the way.  Pretzel in Germany, yummy pastries in France, and funnel cake in America.  My kids had never had a funnel cake before and it was a highlight for me to watch them devour this delicious treat. 

Aquarium.  We loved seeing the sharks, dolphins, and all the little Nemo’s.  The actual Nemo ride?  We did not love that.  Turtle Talk with Crush?  LOVE.


Josh got tired of standing on the buggy board, so he figured out a way to wedge himself criss-cross apple sauce so he could sit.


Funny Story: In Mexico, we met Donald Duck.  We gave him a green pen to sign our autograph books, and he refused.  We offered again and he stamped his foot and crossed his arms.  We had to get out a black pen for him to sign with. 

I had a mini meltdown in Epcot. Well…..more like a major meltdown.  After scaring Halle to death at seeing her mom act like a 2 year old I was able to pull it together and have fun the rest of the day.  But, I was very glad the boys and I were having a “break day” the next day.  A little pool time is just what the Dr. ordered.

Lunch at Akershus was a highlight of our Epcot experience.  Halle just loved meeting all those princesses!  They were so sweet and fun. 


Scan 5

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