That’s how many miles I ran on Sunday. Nat and I ran the Denver 1/2 Marathon and it was awesome! We started training about mid July, and in some ways it’s hard to believe it’s over. I loved the challenge of each week pushing your body to go farther and/or faster than you’ve ever gone before. It was also pretty amazing to run with 9500 other people who had been training for the same goal. For the weeks leading up to the race Blake decided to stop sleeping through the night and I got sick. So, at first I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to train as hard as I would have liked. And poor Nat caught Bronchitis just a few days before the race. But we both decided we would just do our best and enjoy ourselves. I think having a more relaxed attitude helped us have more fun, and in the end we both did just about as well as we could have hoped. Can’t wait to run another one! sisters

If Nat looks a little pale in the pic, it’s because she is!  Bronchitis and running 13 miles is a little taxing on the respiratory system!
Carlie also came out for the weekend and it was great to get some sister time.  We went shopping, watched movies, and talked to our hearts content.  And Rusty sure was glad to have Carlie’s help with the kids at the race.  It wasn’t long enough, but it was so fun to have both my sisters here.

8 thoughts on “13.1

  1. OK-so this is totally inspirational. I can't believe she ran with Bronchitis! I put my jeans on this morning and I had to jump and pull to get them up around me! I love to run but have been a slacker lately. SO if she can do it with Bronchitis then I can do it too!


  2. I am so proud of you. I think it is so awesome that you are already back racing. I hope I can be racing when Kali is Blakes age. We for sure need to find a race to do together. I have been working out a little harder every week, and it feel so good. Loves


  3. YeA!!! Way to go Tara! SO FUN! I love half marathons–not completely time consuming, but still require lots of training and give you that “high”. Sounds like it was such a fun weekend with your sisters! We still need to pick a race and destination and everyone meet and run it together–it would be such a fun girls weekend too.


  4. Congrats Tara! That's awesome! What a fun weekend with your sisters.

    Okay, there is something seriously not right about your pumpkin/snow pictures below. They are darling, but I just HATE that winter is coming so fast already!!!!!!!!!!


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