We’ve Come Full Circle, Baby

When we were first married Rusty hated doing dishes. (What am I saying? He still hates to do dishes!) So he would eat straight out of the pan whenever he could. He also made us share a plate most of the time. This drove me NUTS–and eventually he gave in and started 1. not eating out of pans and 2. using his OWN dishes.

Last night our church had a corn roast where they were supplying all the corn, drinks and cookies, and we were all supposed to bring our own picnic dinner. I was really not feeling in the mood to pack up an entire dinner so we just decided to scarf some leftovers before we went. I wasn’t that hungry yet (it was only about 4:30), so I went to the fridge, pulled out a huge serving bowl of pasta salad I had made earlier in the week, got a fork from the drawer and plopped it all down in front of Rusty. He looked at me with awe in his eyes and said, “I’ve never loved you more than I do right now.”

It took 7 years, but we’ve finally come full circle.

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