Berry Patch Farms

It’s always been Rusty’s dream to live on a farm. “The simple life,” he calls it. He gets a far away look in his eye as he imagines his acres of land, horses, and his kids playing on the tractors. This all coming from a man who can’t even mow his tiny lawn every week, has weeds the size of trees in the backyard, and a wife who can’t keep a house plant alive to save her life. But he tells me “that’s different.” Ok Rust, keep dreamin’.
In order to give the kids a little tiny taste of farm life, we went to Berry Patch Farms over the weekend. It is an adorable vegetable farm where you can go and pick your own strawberries (raspberries come in season in a few weeks!), dig carrots, and pick fresh flowers. They also have a barn filled with all the other produce the farm produces. The kids had a blast picking their very own strawberries just like Oso taught them (playhouse disney anyone?). We also bought a bunch of other veggies and had them for Sunday dinner. Halle licked her plate clean. She loved picking, washing and peeling the veggies. On the way home from the farm she told us yet again that she was going to be a cowgirl on a farm, but her farm will have veggies AND horses. Josh said he didn’t want to live on the farm, but he’d come drive Halle’s tractor for her. Rusty and I were in tears laughing. We will definitely go back when raspberries are in season!

Here is Josh picking berries. Here is Josh not putting the berries in his basket, but eating EVERY SINGLE one that he picked. You should have seen his red stained mouth when we were done.

7 thoughts on “Berry Patch Farms

  1. I love these pictures, so rustic yet the farm thing is totally in!

    All you need is to hire the actual planters and caretakers of this this “dream-farm”…we live in an age that as long as you “oversee” and “manage” your help, then you are officially farmers! I know this, ONLY because I too cannot keep a house plant alive nor pick weeds to save my life and my husband is a Wyoming-boy raised on a farm and has the dream of also retiring on a farm despite my threats to leave him and move to somewhere tropical…I am just saying with the illegals in the country ANYone can have a farm…so I'm told! =)


  2. I love seeing the fun things you are always doing with the kids. I would love to go to that farm. Blake is getting so big and those cheeks are not getting any smaller.


  3. AW!!! I miss those cute kids, and you! I cannot picture Rustin living on a farm, but I guess the simple life suits him! I am so excited to see you in a month. I have missed you!


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