From the mouth of babes

We always bring a little snack to church for the kiddos (as I’m sure most of you do as well). Our rule is that they have to wait until after the sacrament to get the treat, and then if they are reverent they can have it. Josh was particularly onrey on Sunday and kept begging for his treat. I had also packed a water bottle (mostly for me) and he could see it in the diaper bag. I told him he had to wait for the bread and water to be through before he ate his treat. He then pulls the water bottle out of the diaper bag and says, “I have my OWN water. I DON’T need the church’s water.”
Not so Josh, not so.

2 thoughts on “From the mouth of babes

  1. I love, love, love it. How funny is Josh? Did you know that in pre school, Rusty got the Mr. Comedian Award at the end of the year?

    Mother Blogger

    P.S. Why am I under Brett's name? Although, I could say a lot of things and let Brett take the blame. Good idea!


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