Ahh…peace and quiet

When my Mom and Dad left Colorado they took the kids with them for 10 days! What a wonderful gift to me. I have so enjoyed my time just relaxing and cuddling with Blake. I’m just holding him as much as my tired arms can stand, because I know once Halle and Josh get back our days of snuggling and lounging on the couch will be over. It’s also been nice to spend more time with Rusty. We went to Bone Fish and got our favorite Bang Bang Shrimp, played tennis twice (once up at Chataqua–very cool), and went hiking in Boulder. We only remembered one part of the Baby Bjorn, so Rusty just held Blake the whole hike. It was pretty funny.
Although I have SO SO enjoyed my little break–I miss my kiddos! Halle told Grandma that she was sort of like her mom now. How easily I am replaced! I will eagerly welcome them with open arms when they get home on Tuesday. (Then probably be ready to send them back to Grandma’s by the end of the week!)

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