Here’s the highlights:
When we got of the plane in SLC I turned to Halle and said, “Wow! Thanks for being so good on the airplane.” She looked at me and in her best big girl voice said,
Mom, it was my pleasure.” Everyone within earshot totally cracked up.

“No macuum??” Josh calls vacuums, macuums, and he HATES them. Well, in my parents neighborhood someone is always mowing their lawn, and he was so scared. We kept trying to explain it all to him, but he just didn’t get it. About 600 times a day he’d say, “No macuum??”

Girls night with my sisters. SO MUCH FUN. We got pedicures and had cute flowers put on our big toes. Then we went to dinner at the Olive Garden. It was so fun to spend time together. We need to do that more!

My Dad took the day off work and we all went to the Sandy Aquarium. It was pretty fun–they had a really cool octopus, and Halle loved the Sharks. Josh loved looking at all the fish and running everywhere.

Rusty had birthday celebrations galore. One at my house, one at his house, and one when we got back to CO!

We, along with Grandma and Grandpa Cornell went on a fun picnic up AF canyon to Mutual Dell. Halle picked millions and millions of dandiloins, and was in heaven.
Kasey and Brian were kind enough to let Halle come down and ride on Lizzie. Halle was pretty quiet while she was on the horse, but hasn’t stopped talking about it since. She looks at the pictures and watches the video over and over again. She told me she wants a horse just like Lizzie when she grows up.

I’m sure Cory will want to kill me for posting this pic, but I couldn’t help it. Halle convinced Bridger that Princesses really do have the most fun!

2 thoughts on “Utah!

  1. I’m glad Halle had a good time riding the horse. However, I wish you had put a disclaimer by my picture that stated: Kasey had just gotten back from camping which is why she looks so awful in this picture.


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