Seattle BYUH girls trip

Oh my goodness–I am not going to do this trip justice because I’m in a hurry to get this done. Kasey, if you read this, send me your journal entry :). Here’s what I’ll say–We ate the BEST food. Seriously…I think it tops NYC. We didn’t really make any plans, and EVERY SINGLE thing we ate was so good. We LAUGHED. We WALKED. And we never stopped TALKING. Everything about it was just what I needed. Happy Birthday to Jess and Kasey–the last of us to turn 40. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–How did I get so lucky? I learn more about myself, how to be a better mom, wife and friend every time we are together.

The next day was all about exploring Downtown. We hit all the highlights. And ate all the things. I wish I would have written down what! But two of my favorites were Frans chocolates and Rachel’s Ginger Beer.

The next day we hiked about 5 miles to Rattlesnake Ledge. And ran into two guys that Rachel and Many new from BYUH! This was a beautiful hike and the weather was so cool. Loved it. Cassie twisted her ankle really badly right at the top. She was such a trooper and hardly ever complained, even though I know it must have been killing her. After we got back home she went to the dr and she is in a boot for like 6 weeks. YUCK.

Next up was the Ferry to Bainbridge island. Bainbridge, we learned, is the home of pickleball. We got there just a little too late in the day so lots of the cute shops were closing up. We got ice cream at Mora, and a few hours later we were headed back to Seattle. This view of Mt. Ranier was worth the whole trip!

If I would have known turning 40 would mean so many fun girls trips, I would have been a lot more excited about it!

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