Sam and Bob’s 40th birthday Extravaganza

This was a FUN trip. Gina and Kimberlie planned such a fun surprise for Bob and Sam’s 40th. They each thought they were going on an alone trip with their wife. First, they found out they were going with each other. Then, at the airport, they found out we were all tagging along! The surprises didn’t stop there! Toys met us at the Vegas Airport. The Melvers met us on the Strip. Scott and Elly flew in later that evening. And then the Matsuda’s joined us the next day. So fun.

How lucky are we to have such an incredible group of friends? Even though many of us now live far away, it was like no time had passed and we laughed till we cried, ate till we wanted to puke, and made memories to last a lifetime. All of this was made better by the fact that it was the first huge gathering we’ve had since Covid shutdowns began last March. We can’t wait to start up Date Club again. Without further ado, here are the highlights:

Jim was with us on this trip too. We felt him so strongly. I know he was so happy to see us all together and see Sarah laughing and fully engaged in life. It’s not easy to come on a trip where everyone else is part of a couple. We missed him. Whenever we see a starburst in a picture, that’s our sign that Jim is there. And look….He was EVERYWHERE.

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