Our Preschool Co-op

“Children Learn By Doing, and Play is Their Work”

favorite outside

I have had the fun opportunity this year to teach a preschool co-op for Josh and his friends.  We have had so much fun, and even learned a thing or two along the way.  We are lucky to have such an awesome group of kids, and Josh and I are sad that everyone else will be moving on to “real” preschool in the Fall.  But not to worry—I’ve got another co-op up my sleeve for next year!

Thursday was my last day to teach this year. We made an awesome piggy bank craft, and then bought food at our pretend grocery store with the money from our piggy bank.  Even though five 3 and 4 years olds can be a handful, I have loved having them at my house and laughing at all the funny things they say and do. 

Circle Time

Best Buddies
we love preschool! 
We LOVE Preschool!


2 thoughts on “Our Preschool Co-op

  1. They are a really cute group! It has been a lot of fun – max will miss josh next year:( (count on my kid to be the one w/ the funky headband and his hand in inappropriate places:))


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