Mother’s Day 2015

As always, it was an excellent Mother’s Day!  And it snowed for the 2nd year in a row!  I love this day to reflect on my feelings about being a mother.  It certainly has its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade those tiny humans for anything in the world.  They are my joy and my life.
2015-05-10 09.00.47

I told Rusty that all I wanted for Mother’s Day was a clean car.  He was trying to coax Blake and Josh to help him and Josh said, “Ummm…I already made Mom a card, and I don’t really think she needs TWO things from me.”

Those Mother’s Day cards are so sweet.  I always like to keep them around for a few months and whenever I am feeling low and I just have to read their sweet words and my spirits are lifted.

Blake loves me because I buy him Kinetic Sand 🙂
2015-05-11 11.11.13
2015-05-11 11.11.21
My mom is a great cook.  My mom is a Boston runner.  My mom makes my bed.  My mom is Tara. My mom goes on runs. I love you mom.

From Josh:2015-05-11 11.11.40

From Halle.  Tasks included Emptying the dishwasher and making me my favorite treat. 🙂
2015-05-11 11.12.08

Rusty totally surprised me this year and invited my friends over for a BBQ.  I had absolutely no idea!  Josh let it slip just about an hour before the BBQ that there was going to be a special surprise for me, but no amount of coaxing could get it out of him.  Rusty knows how much I love to hang out with my friends, so that was the perfect gift for me!  I appreciated it so much.  Everyone brought yummy food and we spent a super fun evening together.  I am a lucky lady!!

2015-05-10 17.46.45 HDR

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