Our Stop

This is our subway stop, a place I love and loath all at the same time.  Love it because it is so close to our house, cheap, and transports us all around this magical city. Hate it because it is a hot as hades in the station, and dragging Blake and the stroller up and down countless stairs gets old.  But Josh?  He has no hate, only love.  He studies the maps, watches and memorizes routes and directions, and honest to goodness thinks it’s the greatest adventure he’s ever had. When we were going to the Brooklyn Bridge there is a section of track that goes above ground.  Josh was sitting a few rows away from the rest of us, and all of the sudden I heard whooping and hollering and laughing.  Yep…Josh had noticed we were above ground.  He talked about it for weeks.  He also loves when we take express trains and “Zoom past stations.”

One day I pulled out my map to see which subway we should take to get home.  Josh said, “Mom—we should take the 2 express train to 72nd, then transfer to the 1 train.”  After consulting my map I discovered that he was exactly right.  That kid has always been so good with directions. 

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