Spring Break 2015

             2015-04-09 15.51.07Spring break was good to us this year.  We had lots of time to relax, lots of time to get some good cleaning and de-cluttering done, and lots of time for fun! 

Our favorite Spring Break activity was Letterboxing. Letterboxing is a fun little “treasure-hunt” where the kids get to follow clues that lead them to a small, weatherproof box.  Inside the box is a (usually) hand carved stamp.  The kids then stamp their own personal log books that we carry with us, and leave their signature in the log book that is included with the stamp.  We found our first Letterbox at Waneka Lake a few weeks ago when Jack and Leo were here:

2015-03-30 12.38.312015-03-30 13.31.58

Since then, we’ve found a box hidden inside a book at the Longmont Museum

2015-04-06 11.58.40

Under a Bridge at Sandstone Ranch.  (shhh….we had to be a little sneaky. Things are still washed out over there because of the floods.)

2015-04-06 14.20.572015-04-06 14.13.38

2015-04-06 14.17.03

We found one inside a tree:

2015-04-06 13.57.55 HDR

Buried under some rock near Horsetooth Reservoir in Ft. Collins:

2015-04-09 17.12.33

2015-04-09 17.22.38

And two at the Swetsville Zoo in Ft. Collins:

2015-04-10 16.47.11

2015-04-10 17.01.512015-04-10 16.42.35 HDR

The kids and I took a little Staycation up to Ft. Collins for a night in the Marriott.  A stroke of good luck meant that the Bohns didn’t have school on Friday.  They came and met up with us on Friday.  We went swimming at our hotel and then we hiked Horsetooth Falls.  It was so great to catch up and hang out.  No one wanted the day to end. We sure to miss them! 

2015-04-10 11.55.05 HDR
Horsetooth falls

After swimming we packed up to leave the hotel.  Josh was carrying his pillow pet and his iPod.  When we got off the elevator, Berlynn noticed that Josh was only holding the iPod case.  No iPod inside.  We searched the elevator, went back up and retraced our steps, turned our hotel room inside out and we couldn’t find it.  Josh was panicking.  When we we got in the elevator to ride back to the lobby I said, “Let’s check the elevator shaft just in case.”  I peeked down the tiny crack, and sure enough, I could see it sitting at the bottom of the shaft.  Maintenance came and they were able to pull it out.  Luckily we think it fell while we were in the lobby, because there wasn’t a scratch on it. 🙂2015-04-10 12.33.48

Easter fell right at the beginning of Spring Break and we had fun watching General Conference over a big Easter Brunch.  The kids also had a great time at the annual neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. 

2015-04-03 17.23.33 2015-04-03 17.29.49 2015-04-03 17.35.23

Easter 2015

We also got to see some cute little baby owls nesting on a bridge near our house.  I love our neighborhood!

2015-04-05 17.00.48

2015-04-12 13.19.252015-04-05 17.22.48 2015-04-05 17.40.49 

And just because I want to remember how much Josh loves this tree outside of church.

 2015-03-22 12.07.54 HDR

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