Journey to Boston

The Boston Marathon is 7 days away.  I am equal parts nervous and excited.  It has been a beautiful journey to get to this point.  One I know I will never forget.  Oh, who am I kidding.  Next year I won’t remember a thing.  That’s why I blog 🙂
Frozen solid after 8 miles in 1 degree.  My eyelashes were frozen stiff!
2015-03-05 05.18.09 2015-03-05 06.40.41
Slushy run in Utah while I was there to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday.
2015-03-02 09.18.332015-03-19 08.05.54   
Enjoyed some much needed sunshine on the trails of Arizona.
2015-02-23 08.37.38
Love these friends of mine!  Long miles go so quickly when you are lucky enough to have good friends to run them with.
2015-03-14 07.40.332015-03-25 09.09.282015-03-11 08.09.52
Fastest 18 miles of the training cycle!2015-03-28 10.37.05-1
Amber, Dawn and I are running the marathon in support of Dream Big, a non-profit organization that provides equipment and program fees to low income or homeless girls.  2015-03-15 16.06.47
Saw a lunar eclipse early one April morning.  It was one of the most beautiful, intriguing things I have ever seen! 2015-04-05 21.21.34 Enjoyed MANY MANY beautiful Colorado sunrises2015-02-11 06.55.32-1

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