(Photo credit: Whenever you see a really beautiful picture, chances are it was taken by my Dad or Landon)

The flight from Oahu to Kauai is about 30 min long. Just long enough for Josh’s ears to kill the entire time.  Josh and I were sitting on the side of the plane where we could see the Napali Coast as we flew toward the Lihue airport.  I gloated a little bit and turned to Halle, Blake and Rusty and said in a sing song voice, “We got the better view out our window.”  We rented our car and zoomed toward Poipu.  Our favorite part of the drive was going through the famed Tree Tunnel. Rusty said it felt like we were entering storybook land.

We stayed at The Point at Poipu and our condo was amazing!  It was WAY bigger that either our NYC or Boston apartments.  We felt so spoiled.  We were greeted with shell Leis from my dad and the kids were thrilled.  We went out for pizza (A Cornell Hawaii tradition) and called it a night.  As we were walking from the car to our condo Blake came and grabbed my hand.  He said, “Mom, do you know what you said today that really hurt my feelings?”  I was upset that I might have said something that hurt him so I said, “Blake!  I’m so sorry!  What did I say that hurt you?”  He said, “I felt really bad when you said that you had the better view from the airplane window.”  It was hard to stifle my laughter and offer him a sincere apology.

2014-10-19 18.55.33

The next morning was another early one.  I was beginning to think we’d never get used to the time change.  But one advantage of early mornings are beautiful sunrises! One disadvantage of beautiful sunrises are people with mega flashes on their cameras that are so strong they wake up your children who immediately think they are in the middle of a lightening storm 🙂

2014-10-20 06.30.36
We began the day with a walk down to Shipwreck Beach.

IMG_4514 IMG_4515


Then the kids and the Men hit the pool while my mom and I hit up Costco.  Later it was off to Spouting horn and Poipu beach park. By this time we knew something was very wrong with Josh.  I suspected an ear infection.  We called Alan and he called in an antibiotic prescription to the local pharmacy.  Josh was so miserable that all he wanted to do was go back to the condo and rest.  We sent everyone else off to go waterfall chasing and Grandma, Josh, Halle and I went and had a rest.  After the rest we went to pick up Josh’s antibiotic.  And wouldn’t you know, there was a shave ice place right by the pharmacy.  Koloa Shave Ice ended up being our second favorite shave ice on the Island. But more about that later….

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