Beautiful Thanksgiving

We had such a beautiful Thanksgiving this year.  Beautiful weather, beautiful food, and beautiful family.  It was our biggest Thanksgiving yet-We had 17 people at our Thanksgiving table 🙂

The day started with the Annual Turkey Day 5k over in the Anthem neighborhood.  This year Rusty, Nat, Michael, Mom, Dad, and I all ran.  The kids also did the Bumpkin Pumpkin 1/2 mile dash.  They just love this race and look forward to it all year.  I ran my fastest 5k to date (21:41), and due to our babysitter getting stuck in race traffic, Rusty started a little late, but had 250 kills.  Not a bad day on the race course. Michael and my Dad were also lightening fast.  Mom and the pregnant Natalie put in very solid performances.  The only disappointment of the day was that they ran out of kids t-shirts.  Halle was so sad—it broke my heart.  She ran her little heart out, and wanted that t-shirt as her badge of honor. 

We went home and cooked the day away.  What a feast we had!  It was close to 70 degrees, so we sent up the tables outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine while we ate. 

IMG_6072(Halle setting the table—don’t judge me for using paper products at Thanksgiving—I don’t even have close to 17 place settings)


The kids table.  Jack wouldn't eat any Thanksgiving dinner

(The kids table.  Jack was here too, but he refused to eat Thanksgiving dinner.  Silly boy!)

DSC_0062 DSC_0065  


My mom came out a few days early, and over the course of two days we baked 7 pies.  All from scratch.  They were delicious, and the first bite made it worth all the hours of work we put in.  Josh did not agree.  When it came time for pie, he chose instead to have an old, stale piece of Halloween candy.  I don’t know how I could have given birth to a person who doesn’t like pie 🙂7 pies!!  All homemade.  Crust and everything! Josh chose an old, stale piece of Halloween candy instead of pie

And now a few more pictures:

Landon was in Colorado for 24 hours of thanksgiving fun before he had to go back to work 
Landon was in Denver for all of 24 hours.  Then he had to fly home to get back to work.  But, we are sure glad he came for the day. 
IMG_6114 IMG_6113IMG_6057 IMG_6064

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