Fond Farewell

Last week I got to do singing time/sharing time in Primary. We did a little tribute to Pres. Hinckely that turned out really cute. (although I can’t take credit for the idea–got it from a Yahoo group for Primary Choristers) All through Sharing Time we were learning facts about his life, and the last one we learned was that all over the world, after Pres. Hinckley would speak, and as he was getting ready to leave, LDS members would stand and wave white handkerchiefs to say goodbye to the prophet. (We also saw lots of people doing this at his funeral). So, I taught the kids some new words to “Follow the Prophet” :

Gordon was a Prophet, Prophet to the world
Visits every nation bring them God’s word
With a sense of humor he looks you in the eye,
Be more like the Savior was his great reply.
Then the normal chorus

As the kids sang, they all waved white handkerchiefs. It was so cute and touching. They all love the song “Follow the Prophet” so everyone sang so well and so loud. These are the pics I took. It was a fun and special day!

Jr Primary (You can see Halle in the second row on the left–closing her eyes)

Sr. Primary

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  1. So Tara, I’m guessing you are the primary chorister. Last I asked, you were in the nursery (I think). That activity was really neat! It looks like the kids loved it and what a great tribute! I am the primary secretary so I am in there every week too. It’s so fun when the chorister or someone else doing the sharing time does something creative that really brings the spirit. Two thumbs up!!! Love ya lots,Chelsi

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