The Great Styrofoam Disaster of 2009

Well–I had a clever post all planned out, but Rusty pretty much stole it. Title and all. I’m suing for plagiarism. So go here to read about the messiest basement disaster ever to hit the planet. I seriously never knew it was possible to make such a mess out of a little styrofoam. But leave it to kids….

4 thoughts on “The Great Styrofoam Disaster of 2009

  1. I love it! How hilarious! And Tara, your post on Rustin unplugged was so insightful. Where should I start in cleaning up all my messes (literally and figuratively)?

    Maybe I could start in this computer room. You've seen the place. Should I just close my eyes and throw away 37 years of pictures? I think I will. I'll think about it tomorrow (said Scarlet).

  2. That photo brings back some bad memories! I was very pregnant (like 9 months) with Olivia and we received a package with peanuts. They multiplied all over the main level and I was too pregnant to clean them up. Jonathan came to the rescue and had to use a spray bottle of water to tame them. Ugh -the things kids can have fun with!

  3. hee hee, we've had like experiences here, tho I have to admit not as bad. Dh has banned it from the house, as soon as a package arrives with the stuff as packing, it goes out to the trash!

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